Text - Aerith: "Cloud, I need to dress up like a boy. It's the only way."
Image description - Cloud and Aerith standing outside Don Corneo's mansion.
Aerith dressing like a boy in a dressing room.
Aerith in her church. There is a reflective orb in the background.


All parts of the image renders in this post applicable are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. I wouldn’t recommend commercial usage though, its derivative art and fanart.

Artists comments:

Blender + Cycles Render. The 3D models were ripped from the PC version of the game, with mouths, but I removed them because the mouthless PS1 version is more #iconic imo. This is a model edit of the original Aerith FF7 model. If anyone wants it anyway, leave a comment on this post. I ray-traced them because I like the FMV cutscenes in FF7 where they ray-traced the field models, so I wanted to do it myself.

If you’re over 18, try out some nude drag king Aerith propaganda i made back in 2020. [I am over 18] [I am not 18 or do not want to click an 18+ link, just show me the clothed version only]


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