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image of the captains from pikmin 4 colour cycling rainbow gif

Glow Pikmin

Feels the most like a gimmick Pikmin, a situational Pikmin. I don’t hate them, the night missions they facilitate are OK I suppose. I wonder where the design space for a Pikmin with 1 gimmick will go.

Ice Pikmin

Meet my custom captain, Gary. They’re more like a snail than an ant.

Oatchi Fan Shrine

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No Flarlic Challenge Run

Title: No Flarlic Run
A gif of a flarlic being crossed out.

Flarlic is an item which increases the Pikmin cap on the overworld. Collecting no flarlic, you are capped at taking 20 Pikmin out of the onions. The challenge is to beat the game with this restriction.

Glow Pikmin icon
Flarlic icon

Da rulez

  1. Don’t collect Flarlic.
  2. No Glow Pikmin in caves.

My goal was curing Oatchi, which means beating the Cave for a King.

You can collect wild Pikmin in caves, which temporarily increases your cap until the end of the cave. I think this temporary increase makes Pikmin management more interesting, while Glow Pikmin trivialises it. So I allowed wild Pikmin, but avoided Glow Pikmin in caves.

This is not a low Pikmin run. You can have as many in reserve as you like.

I used Dingo to complete the dandori challenges and night missions. I’ve put my time into these, I have all platinum medals on my main file. I just didn’t find completing them to be interesting in the context of this challenge.


The Easy

In the pantheon of Pikmin challenge runs, this one is fairly easy and doesn’t require a lot of in-game knowledge. It is an increase in difficulty which makes you change your approach in interesting ways, its a good time. It also doesn’t need an encyclopaedia of game knowledge and planning, just hop in! Its a good casual challenge for a casual fan! I didn’t use Glow Pikmin, but you can choose to use them if you’re stuck! You could also make the run easier by collecting the minimal amount of flarlic you can handle. A 30 or 50 pikmin cap would be a fine time, if 20 is too low. You could also end the run after rescuing Olimar, as that part of the run is the most non-linear and most interesting.

The Hard

There are many rules you could add to this, to make it harder. Collecting no onions at all could be an interesting one, making your only stock of Pikmin those you find in caves. Restricting the use of Oatchi is a challenge run all of its own, but some Oatchi restrictions could be added to compliment this challenge. You could restrict rewinds, but I don’t feel like that would be compelling (save scumming is a natural part of challenge runs to me, and rewinds are just a more convenient version of that).

The experience

like 95% of the game

Captain Piss

For this playthrough, my OC will be the incorrigible rookie, captain Pisš.

The Sun-Speckled Terrace was very easy. Its difficulty is built around a low Pikmin cap. The Ice Pikmin are very useful to cheese enemies. Sprays and nectar are more valuable than growing Pikmin from monster corpses.

The Blossoming Arcadia keeps on being easy. Off topic: The Downy Snagrets are my favorite new “minor” enemy, they’re so cute.

I got the Blue onion from Serene Shores. I feel a lot of people get the Blue Onion from the Sun-Speckled Terrace, including me in my casual playthrough.

Anyway, nearby the blue onion in the Serene Shores is The Below-Grade Discoteque. This cave is worth a visit in this challenge run, just to fight its boss. The Groovy Long Legs is difficult, but that’s good. It gives its musical gimmick time to take off, whereas it died all too quickly in my normal playthough. I also got the Purple Pikmin here, which are very useful. Yes, Oatchi can carry heavy items, but Oatchi is just one pup. Purple Pikmin seriously increase the amount of hands that can be dandoring at once.

I rushed through Hero’s Hideaway in the beginning, because Moss is a pain in the ass here. I collected two cards and guessed the third number. I did do some sparklium collecting after Olimar was rescued. I collected the Ice Pikmin Onion here, because Ice Pikmin have been so useful. I could have probably skipped the onion, in retrospect.

The Giant’s Hearth was just going through the narritive requirements. The Cradle of the Beast was the cave I completed to find Not Charlie, because its entrance was the most accessable to me. I didn’t collect the rock onion, didn’t feel like it. This was my favourite area in my casual playthrough, because I liked the public barbeque setpiece.

The Primordial Thicket was just going through the narrative requirements. I don’t have much to say about it, but I do have a lot to say about a certain cave in it.

Cavern for a King

The only part I grinded for was the Cavern for a King. The boss rush of that cave was a lot harder with so few Pikmin.

A few bosses were just a pain in the ass. Toxstool, the Bloomcap Bloysters, and the Gildemander were bosses which had to be taken slow and were easy to mess up.

Its very hard to freeze bosses with only 20 pikle men. Except for the Baldy Long Legs,the only boss you can completely cheese with ice Pikmin. You gotta take it up on that offer. Freeze the puddle of water its in. You only need ten ice Pikmin. Once its dead, leave the cave again to get twenty Purple Pikmin for the upcoming water wraiths.

That bastard Empress Bulblax was the pain in the ass she always was. Only the normal advice, take things slow and don’t get greedy.

The Anchient Sirehound took so many rounds to kill. I even left to restock Pikmin halfway through the battle. It took so many rounds to drain the HP meter, and it’s where I spammed spray the most. Bring at least two Purple Pikmin, it makes bringing down the tail so much easier.

The Pikmin 4 4koma

Title: 4Koma
Title: 4Koma x4

I’ve been using images from this throughout this article.

Illustrated by Kino Takahashi, the Pikmin 4Koma is a piece of original promotional material Nintendo is posting to the Pikmin official website several times a month. It’s very cute and quirky, but ಠ_ಠ it doesn’t have an RSS Feed ಠ_ಠ. Anyway. here are some of my favourite strips.


Everyone, including Nintendo, is calling it a Comic or a Manga. Which is a fair description, a 4koma is a subgenre of comics and manga. Like, the fact that I automatically refer to it as a 4koma is a sign that being a weeaboo is terminal and forever.

Seeds of Wisdom

I love watching the Pikmin be little freaks.

An Acquired Taste

Licking nintendo cartridges joke in current year. I wish this would have happened in game. I wish Oatchi could have eated one.

Pikmin and Books 1

I love the 4komas in which you see the minor characters be little freaks. Its like their natural habitat.

But wait! There’s more! Tumblr use fullmoonfireball has been doing some fan translations of comics before the official translation gets around to it. You can view all their fan translations here, but i’ll also flag up some personal faves.


The misdirection punchline is one of my favourite joke genres.



Hair Care Scare

mop oatchi (mochi)


Talked about the Pikmin fanon wiki in the post “hey check this out (1)”: clicky

Embed Hell

Stuff i couldn’t think of an excuse to embed anywhere else. Please support the original release.

open here to visit embed hell……..


This blog contains Final Fantasy Spoilers for All Of Them

There’s like only a handful of dilfs in final fantasy and theyre not all here. Anyway here’s the tier list for DILFs in Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line

Excellent DILFs

Auron – He’s not the step-dad, he’s the dad who stepped up.

T.G. Cid – ha ha Trans Gender Cid.

Barret Wallace – It sucks that the date scene with him and cloud is a joke. i want barret to date cloud for real.

Laguna Loire – In retrospect, he was the first videogame DILF I was down bad for.

Merely Ok DILFs

Cecil Harvey – Only a father in the Expanded universe 🤮🤮🤮 (expanded universe bad). I think its funny to call him a DILF and I like him.

Jeckt – Absolute dogshit parent. Fucking Sucks. I hate his pussy. But what kind of self-respecting faggot like me would say ‘no’ to Braska’s Final aeon I mean come on. Who wouldn’t lower their standards for that huge hairy monster.

Just handsome men, but you know, not old men (whats the point).

Aerith GainsboroughI said what I said.

Balthier – Transmasc swag (has a deadname)

Faris Scherwiz – Transmasc swag (has a deadname, transed his gender and became a pirate)

ok so all the trans stuff is just headcanons this series actually kinda sucks when it comes to queer characters

comment with youre fave. or with the ones i missed, i didnt post them all

Anyway, thanks to the fandom Final Fantasy Wiki for the pix.

This is my page for 88×31 buttons. I will update this post as I make more. If you see this in your RSS Feed again, it means I’ve added new buttons! All are free to use with no credit or terms of use. A shoutout is appreciated, though.

Many of these are derivative art. Credits will be given at the end of this post.

My Button!!!

Cool buttons

the “@terriblestamps” set

Fan Buttons

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


  • The “@terriblestamps” set
    • These were based on stamps from the now defunct @terriblestamps tumblr account, adapted into 88×31 buttons. Unfortunately, the blog I took these from doesn’t give credit. So, if anyone from DeviantArt wants credit for these, please let me know. Apologies for the hassle.
      • Tumblr user @autims has came forward as the creator of the “…Penis…. :(” one.
  • Originally posted to my Tumblr on January 22, 2022.
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
    • Button 1: Dio Smoll source work: Studio A.P.P.P. Stardust Crusaders OVA. i edited the animation a little
    • Button 2: Jojo Gay source work: Battle Tendency – Chapter 24 manga cover.
    • Button 3 and Button 4: Bizarre Transgender source work: David Production anime adaptation.
  • Special thanks to


  • 1/1/23: First posted!
    • New categories: The @Terriblestamps set and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.
    • New buttons: Frozen, Bieber, DontRecolour, EatingAss, NoMafia, Penis, SexyJackingOffWarrior, ShoppingTrolleys, Slut, Tran s Rites, Dio smoll, Jojo Gay, Bizzare Transgender Jolene, Biizzare Transgender Jotaro.


The story is simple and for children, and pretty much The Plot of every merch-driven narrative. The evil new Team Rocket has stolen all the Pokemon Cards and kidnapped the strongest card players, can you rescue the cards and the strongest card players?

English Patch Overview

You don’t need to play the first game to get into this. The English Patch is extremely highly recommended, as NPCs share hints and several fights require speciality decks.

The fan translation is extremely organic sounding and high quality, although it’s translator admits they don’t know Japanese that well. It is what’s called nowadays a Machina Translation Post-Editing effort, with the machine translation used being over a decade old. It could even be considered a rewrite rather than an extremely accurate translation. But MTPE or rewrite, the translation is extremely good, reads naturally, and contains all the gameplay clues and information a player would need. It’s good work, its excellent for what it is.

The only sign its a fan translation is the fact it lets you use hiragana and katakana in names. This is an option the original game had, which an official localization probably would have removed. Leaving it in just adds more opinions for naming, and a fine thing to leave in, I love options. You can use the character which looks like a face, ツ (tsu). It’s epic.

The fan translation was done by Artemis251 (the main translator guy) and Jazz (credited as supplying the base; adding the ability to write English text, and doing a menu/card translation).

Get the fan translation: page or Arty’s Generic Site.

Finding a JP Rom is up to you. The legal thing to do would be to buy a cartridge and dump it yourself, and I am obviously a law-abiding guy. I don’t advocate crimes, but WowRoms of a 20 year old abandonware game wouldn’t be unethical to acquire. Original devs and Nintendo aren’t getting paid either way, so who cares. Hypothetically + In Minecraft.


The game is easy, but has a difficulty curve. The endgame trainers are a fair challenge, but its still a game that children can beat. The earlygame is fairly open-ended, but the game gets more linier as things go on. This isn’t a bad thing, it lets the developers control the difficulty curve more.

There is no penalty for losing a card game, except in rival fights, which reward you with rare cards for winning on the first try. But you can complete the game fine without those rewards. Like in irl card games, sometimes you will lose fights to getting a bad draw at the start. But this can also happen to your opponents. There is also no forfeit option, meaning if you’re in a no-win situation it can take a while to lose and try again. There’s autosaves in battle and systems to discourage save-scumming, so you can’t restart in a no-win scenario.

Progression is very horizontal. Each fight wins you a new booster pack of pokemon cards, and more flexibility within the in-game metagame. This adds complexity organically.

Everything is very close to the real card game, with pixel art translations of actual art. All of them look fine, although several look better than others. A lot of them are attempting to translate a variety of art styles into pixel art, to mixed results. Everything being pixel art does flatten the range of art styles its imitating, but it still conveys the original art at the same time.

Yes, you can get the famous Charizard card. In the game. I don’t think Charizard is actually a very good card. It’s a glass cannon and resource hog, which leaves you in a nigh-unrecoverable state if it shatters. Charmelon is definitely one of the best second-stage Pokemon, however.

There are various NPCs who will give you suggestions for strategies in decks. Perhaps these strategies would also have been interesting if performed in the irl card game of the day, although I assume the metagame has advanced somewhat in the past 20 years.

I don’t know how people who were into the modern card game would react to this game. Its a blast from the past, and would either be interesting for that reason, or too different from the modern game for those people to enjoy.

How fun you find this game does depend on how you feel about the Pokemon trading card game IRL. I was a casual fan as a kid, so I found the game very fun. If you can’t fucking stand the Pokemon trading card game, this game won’t save it for you. Oh well.

The field pixel art is gorgeous. It looks very much like Pokemon Crystal, but with a lot of tile animation which makes the environments come alive. Its very cute.

The Team Rocket grunt characters are wearing red uniforms. Very cute.

Team Rocket

Characters face sprites have three emotions, netural, happy, and sad. The characters faces react when they draw a new card, and based on how they feel about the match. NPCs have absolutely no poker face. This makes gameplay more interesting, as it adds an element of attempting to read and predict your digital opponent. Its very simple, but its compelling.

I like this game. Good times. If you’re a pokemon fan and it sounds interesting to you, give it a whirl.

Blorbos from my game

Was Ronald the first friendly-rival in a Pokemon videogame? I’m sure somebody knows for sure, sperg out in the comments #engagement

Old men from pkmn ????

Palette limitations on the GBC meant they had to give this girl green tears. I love it. I like when small children crey, welcome 2 my twisted mind nah

thank god they gave Courtney an anime laugh in this game. Very good game design.

The way they’ve drawn this guy’s glasses is great. They’re like fucked up eyes

always love a Anime Scientist

Introverted Pikachu-loving NEET.

Team Aqua

nuclear family

glub glubbo

Rancid old man

Rancid old lady

Facemasked chef.

Extroverted Pikachu-loving NEET.

Firey chef men (return of the fucked up glasses)

These motherfuckers. kinda gay ngl

More mother fuckers.

The guy in the hat wants you to build a deck with all the legendary birds and dragonite in it? And they’re such bad cards and its a three type deck why. I ended up building a deck based around the birds, the eeveelutions, and the dratini line. It ended up working pretty well, and it was an interesting challenge building a three-type deck. but it also fucking sucked

anyway the girl just looks cool

christ the final boss is so good. look at him. he has evil red eyes its so good

imakumi? red version

President and CEO of The Pokemon Company, and the producer of Pokemon, Tsunekazu Ishihara

One of eight powerful post-game bonus bosses, a ghost locked away in a sealed shrine for being too good at pokemon cards, cat faced man

see, this is one of the things which keeps me coming back to media for children occasionally. It’s just so fun and corny and brazen to play this shit completely straight. yes, somebody could be so good at pokemon cards they need to be sealed away. its not even noteworthy, this is just a common trope. its mundane. a ton of kids shit does this and it owns. other ghosts include a clown and a plague doctor