I traded my N64 in for a few Wii games. This was the 00’s, the N64 wasn’t a Classic Collectable yet, although it had gone up in price. Got a few hundred, you know.

One of the games I spent my money on was The Simpsons Game.

Boxart of The Simpsons Game for Wii.

this The Simpsons Game.

I knew The Simpsons Game would be a mediocre 3D platformer, but I thought yanno, it would keep me busy for a bit. But all The Simpsons Game made me feel was “Mmm… I’d be happier with the N64”.

A gif of Mr Burns from the Simpsons. It is captioned "Mmm... I'd be happier with the N64".

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This FUCKING though based on a fucking Simpsons joke is why I’ve hoarded my old physical media ever since.

But there’s something depressing about having a wall of Classic Games I don’t play or engage with any more. I’m not doing hashtag Media Preservation, all these videogames are already well preserved by other people. I don’t own any rare or obscure games – they’re all bestselling, ubiquitous, popular. I’m not keeping them in preservation condition, I’m keeping them on the shelf not putting them in the fridge. I think its sad these game discs don’t get played any more. Some fucking leak of empathy has me feeling sorry for the games who just sit around doing nothing. Sometimes, I want to give them away so I know somebody is still playing them. But moreso, I worry that if I give them away, I’ll be giving my collection away to another hoarder, and i’d miss them.

Some people who sell of get rid of their old items spend their whole time missing them. I’m not sure how much happier I would actually have been if I kept the n64. Like, some times I think “it would be nice to have around” but oh well. I know how to download N64 games in minecraft, I’m good when I actually want to play one.

I haven’t got the Wii out in a few years, took this photo last time I did. I guess its nice to have one around every once in a while but i’m not really playing it. I always think “Mmm… I’d be happier with the N64” but I don’t know. Would I feel very different if I sold the Wii? I think i’ve owned it too long to sell now. I’m hording it until it all breaks and doesn’t work, I guess. or unless I need like a little more room, like a tiny amount of more room.

I guess it sucks if you sell your old shit, sucks if you keep it. who cares

Second hand stores are great.

I remember the staff of the store were playing Nirvana’s In Utero through the speakers, once. The one employee who rapidly dropped everything and ran out the back to skip the song when Rape Me came on was so funny (it’s a good thing they did though, imagine playing that song over the speakers of a shop, oof). Hope they’re having a good life.

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