All art is licensed under a Peer Production license, unless otherwise stated in the blog post accompanying the picture. This license is derived from the Creative Commons license, with commercial useage only allowed within communist means of art production. Please read the full license if you plan on remixing this art.

Artworks with the “fanart” or “derivative art” catergory are already derivative art made under fair dealings, and contain useage rights which cannot be licensed or transferred by me. In such cases, I only claim myself as the original illustrator, and can/do not impose additional useage rights. In more internet-friendly terms, i own nothing. Repost.

Please check the accompanying blog post before using any art, to be clear on licensing.

These licenses do not interfere with fair use/fair dealings usage, such as research and study, review and criticism, reporting the news, and parody and satire. These licenses explicitly allow reposting with credit, although if you leave the work unedited with any watermarks intact it will be considered credit and you’re good to go.