I was never a blogger in the past. I don’t like writing longform posts. Its boring to write, and they take 100000 years to edit.

I guess I started a blog on my personal site out of obligation. It felt like something I oughta have. but now i dont know what to do with it. i’m not asking for advice, but understanding. shoutouts 2 the blog haters with blogs.

The Intertidal Zone is a short comedy edutainment comic made by Stephen Hillenburg in 1989, and is considered a precursor to the Spongebob Squarepants television show. The story focuses on larger than life show anchor Rocky the Shrimp and his cohost Bob the Sponge, as they interview the inhabitants of the eponymous intertidal zone and discover their unique traits.

This comic was considered lost media, until it was scanned and uploaded to the internet archive by MasterDonut on 24/04/2024. Cheers, mate. This is a cleanup of MasterDonut’s scans, and I am pleased to present them here today.

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GIF – Before – After

Hello, RSS Feed fans. This article is for people who’ve chosen to use RSS feeds, and picked an RSS feed reader. Those choices are outside the scope of this article. What this article is about is filling your empty feed reader, deciding what to put in there and how to surf the web in search of feeds.

However, I can’t just tell you what exactly to pop in there. I will give you a few direct recommendations in the end, but you need to find things you enjoy and add them in yourself. These are some guidelines to help you select things to add.

How do I know if a website has an RSS feed?

The common feed icon depicts the tip of an antennae, with two or three radio waves rippling out of it. The RSS Logo is typically orange, although it comes in other colours. If you see this icon, it should represent an RSS Feed.

Not all websites will have an obvious link to their RSS feed. but it will still exist.

If a social media platform debut’d in the 00s, there’s a good chance it supports RSS. There’s a bit of an RSS support gap in mainstream social media platforms which started in the 10s. But RSS is still common enough that if in doubt, you should always check and see.

It depends on the culture in which the website was developed, as well. Websites from the computer geek side of the web, open-source and GNU nerds (affectionate), have RSS support a lot. VC-funded web startups that want to be the new Facebook, the people who want to build a web silo, are less likely to build RSS support into their website. A fediverse site like Mastodon supports RSS feeds, a fediverse site like Bluesky or Threads doesn’t.

[see: Footnote 1]

My web browser automatically detects RSS feeds, and adds an icon to the address bar if it detects one. If yours browser doesn’t, there are browser extensions. Haven’t got a specific one to recommend, just look around.

Some RSS feed providers will automatically detect a feed if you put a URL in. You can also use a service like getrssfeed.com can detect RSS feeds on a website.

Search engines can help you find RSS feeds for platforms the manual way. Type Platform + RSS Feed into a search engine, and it’ll let you know if feeds exist.

About Large Platforms and Social Media

Although it might seem like an easy way to fill your feeds, just duplicating your existing social media feeds is unadvisable. Give yourself new things to look at, or you’re going to get burned out seeing nothing but repetitive notifications.

There’s probably a large social media platform full of very talented and interesting users, but you don’t really want to use it for whatever reason. And if the platform supports RSS feeds, well, there you go. As a personal example, I don’t go on Deviantart much any more. Even less, since I moved the few people I followed into my RSS feed. “But Deviantart doesn’t have RSS after the Eclipse update” says the person who didn’t search and see the first result for Deviantart + RSS Feed.

So, what I want you to do, is think of a person you already follow. Think if this person who’s posts you already like, and is using a platform you don’t. A Tumblr user you like also uses Mastodon. Now, you don’t use Mastodon in this hypothetical, but you want to see that poster’s sweet Mastodon posts. Mastodon is a website that supports RSS feeds. Add their feed to your reader, follow the posts, all without needing a Mastodon account.

Sometimes, its ok to just duplicate your existing social media feeds, if the feeds are algorithm-driven and unreliable. People question Youtube’s reliability, I think its superstitious but you can add Youtube channels to your feed reader so you KNOW you’re not missing anything.

About Small web, independent web, niche social media.

One of the good things about RSS is how you don’t need to limit yourself to notable platforms. There’s a large web out there, and RSS feeds can help you keep up with it all. I know its the harder work, but you’d be surprised at how easily they accumulate in your feed once you start. This is about exercising your web surfing skills. Be curious, and bias towards subscribing to a webmaster rather than not subscribing.

Web native media like blogs, webcomics, and podcasts very often have RSS feeds. There’s even a website just for webcomic feeds, called Piperka.

You can use RSS feeds to automate forum lurking, although even forums software from the heyday of RSS have patchy support. The best forum software RSS support I’ve found is for Discourse, which one of the newer forum softwares on the block. New as in its ten years old, but u get it. For example, PHPBB has been around twice as long and has RSS support that sucks out of the box. Webmasters can choose to extend the RSS feed support of forums with plugins, but you know, they don’t lol. Feel free to ask ur local forum webmaster to install the RSS plugin if u want. Still, if a forum is slow-moving enough, it having just the one feed might be enough to lurk it.

RSS where there isn’t usually RSS.

Kill the newsletter

Some webmasters opt for an email newsletter instead of an RSS feed. But you can subscribe to that newsletter as an RSS feed, using kill-the-newsletter.

I think experiencing newsletters as an RSS feed makes a huge psychological difference. The contents of an email newsletter feel like an Object, like A Spam, to me. Reading them as a feed just feels more natural and enjoyable. Even if you hate email newsletters, give it a go. Throw a donation to the developer if you love it too.

I do experience cosmetic formatting issues with Kill the Newsletter, but these don’t impact the readability.

Websites I follow this way are mostly normie stuff, local businesses and government institutions, and news websites.

Alternative front ends

Many major websites may have alternative front ends available. A front end is the user interface side of a website, the way a website is presented to visitors. The back end is the machine side of a website, the underlying data a website processes. An alternative front end is a way to view the back end data, in a way that’s designed by somebody who’s not the website’s owner. It’s the same contents but a different interface.[see: footnote 2] And sometimes these different interfaces support RSS feed, where the official front end does not.

So, what I want you to do, is think of a person you already follow. A Youtube user you like also uses Tiktok. Now, you don’t use Tiktok in this hypothetical, and Tiktok doesn’t support RSS feeds. But Tiktok has an alternative front end called Proxytok, that does support RSS feeds. Now, you can see all the videos just with your RSS feed.

I’ve also seen Tiktok described as unusable due to its algorithmically-generated feed being bothersome for potential users. If you do enjoy Tiktok videos and want to exclusively build your own feed, with no algorithm nonsense, you can do it with ProxyTok and RSS feeds.

My most-used alternative front end is Nitter. It’s a Twitter front end. I quit Twitter, for the normal reasons. But I can still follow all the same users on Twitter, without using Twitter. I get the back end stuff I like (microblogs from good posters), without the frontend stuff I hate. It also means Twitter can’t show me ads, or track my activity to sell to advertisers. I don’t financially contribute to Twitter’s ecosystem any more, which is great. It’s like i’m stealing Twitter, which I love doing.

There is a list of alternative front ends here. You want to click on the Main Instance or Public Instances links. The others are for advanced users, you don’t need to self-host or worry about onion links. Keep things simple unless you really, really want to make them complicated.

Not all alternative front ends support RSS feeds, though. You’ll have to research them (try using them) to find out.

Keep at it

I stopped using RSS feeds when everyone else did, when Google Reader shut down. When I first got back into RSS feeds, it wasn’t much to look at. I followed a few things. Feeds weren’t fast. This may be desirable for some people, but in the Google Reader days, I was checking my RSS feeds daily. I wanted that pace back, and was frustrated when it wasn’t. I was bored, I wanted to give up again. But now, I have the pace I want.

It must be so hard for people just starting out. It was probably hard for me starting in the Google Reader days, but I don’t remember. I went back and re-subscribed to feeds I remember having, I had a starting point. I don’t know how hard it would be for somebody with no starting point. But treat it like a project, and keep at it. You didn’t onboard to social media you like in a day, let the onboarding of RSS feeds take a while.

Here are some things I subscribe to, that a general audience might like.

  • Blenderartists.org Forums: Finished Projects. Website | Feed
    • Blender Artists is a forum for people who use the 3D software Blender. So its just a feed of indie CGI art, which is neat! A lot of artists here also have personal sites and portfolios, so it can be a good jumping off point for web surfing if this is your jam.
  • albumoftheday Website | Feed
    • It’s an album! Every day! Gonna unsub to this one, because it links to Spotify and I don’t use Spotify. u can have it instead
  • Overclocked Remix Website | Feed
    • Vidoe game music remixes.
  • The News
    • Whatever news you like here.
  • FediVideo Website | Feed
    • Curated list of variety video recommendations hosted on the fediverse platform Peertube.
  • me its me
    • blatant self promotion

These aren’t really for a general audience so much, are they. Ask me about the even more niche stuff in the comment’s if you like, ask me shit like “do you subscribe to any anime sites”. Except don’t ask that one because i’m answering it now with Jojo News Website | Feed.


Footnote 1. This image was taken from “RSS Autodiscovery” by Rogers Cadenhead, James Holderness and Randy Charles Morin of the RSS Advisory Board
– (alt) https://web.archive.org/web/20081106104156/http://www.rssboard.org/rss-autodiscovery
Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Cheers!

Footnote 2. The explanation of alternative front-ends is stolen from:
You Probably Want to Know About “Alternative Front-ends” by Justin Hanagan.
– (alt) https://web.archive.org/web/20230522232310/https://www.staygrounded.online/p/you-probably-want-to-know-about-alternative
I just paraphrased this info to suit my post. Visit the original articles for more details and a more complete explanation, it’s a good article.

Blorbo Watch

the captains

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ost >

image of the captains from pikmin 4 colour cycling rainbow gif

Glow Pikmin

Feels the most like a gimmick Pikmin, a situational Pikmin. I don’t hate them, the night missions they facilitate are OK I suppose. I wonder where the design space for a Pikmin with 1 gimmick will go.

Ice Pikmin

Meet my custom captain, Gary. They’re more like a snail than an ant.

Oatchi Fan Shrine

Tumblr Embed Zone

Youtube Embed Zone

No Flarlic Challenge Run

Title: No Flarlic Run
A gif of a flarlic being crossed out.

Flarlic is an item which increases the Pikmin cap on the overworld. Collecting no flarlic, you are capped at taking 20 Pikmin out of the onions. The challenge is to beat the game with this restriction.

Glow Pikmin icon
Flarlic icon

Da rulez

  1. Don’t collect Flarlic.
  2. No Glow Pikmin in caves.

My goal was curing Oatchi, which means beating the Cave for a King.

You can collect wild Pikmin in caves, which temporarily increases your cap until the end of the cave. I think this temporary increase makes Pikmin management more interesting, while Glow Pikmin trivialises it. So I allowed wild Pikmin, but avoided Glow Pikmin in caves.

This is not a low Pikmin run. You can have as many in reserve as you like.

I used Dingo to complete the dandori challenges and night missions. I’ve put my time into these, I have all platinum medals on my main file. I just didn’t find completing them to be interesting in the context of this challenge.


The Easy

In the pantheon of Pikmin challenge runs, this one is fairly easy and doesn’t require a lot of in-game knowledge. It is an increase in difficulty which makes you change your approach in interesting ways, its a good time. It also doesn’t need an encyclopaedia of game knowledge and planning, just hop in! Its a good casual challenge for a casual fan! I didn’t use Glow Pikmin, but you can choose to use them if you’re stuck! You could also make the run easier by collecting the minimal amount of flarlic you can handle. A 30 or 50 pikmin cap would be a fine time, if 20 is too low. You could also end the run after rescuing Olimar, as that part of the run is the most non-linear and most interesting.

The Hard

There are many rules you could add to this, to make it harder. Collecting no onions at all could be an interesting one, making your only stock of Pikmin those you find in caves. Restricting the use of Oatchi is a challenge run all of its own, but some Oatchi restrictions could be added to compliment this challenge. You could restrict rewinds, but I don’t feel like that would be compelling (save scumming is a natural part of challenge runs to me, and rewinds are just a more convenient version of that).

The experience

like 95% of the game

Captain Piss

For this playthrough, my OC will be the incorrigible rookie, captain Pisš.

The Sun-Speckled Terrace was very easy. Its difficulty is built around a low Pikmin cap. The Ice Pikmin are very useful to cheese enemies. Sprays and nectar are more valuable than growing Pikmin from monster corpses.

The Blossoming Arcadia keeps on being easy. Off topic: The Downy Snagrets are my favorite new “minor” enemy, they’re so cute.

I got the Blue onion from Serene Shores. I feel a lot of people get the Blue Onion from the Sun-Speckled Terrace, including me in my casual playthrough.

Anyway, nearby the blue onion in the Serene Shores is The Below-Grade Discoteque. This cave is worth a visit in this challenge run, just to fight its boss. The Groovy Long Legs is difficult, but that’s good. It gives its musical gimmick time to take off, whereas it died all too quickly in my normal playthough. I also got the Purple Pikmin here, which are very useful. Yes, Oatchi can carry heavy items, but Oatchi is just one pup. Purple Pikmin seriously increase the amount of hands that can be dandoring at once.

I rushed through Hero’s Hideaway in the beginning, because Moss is a pain in the ass here. I collected two cards and guessed the third number. I did do some sparklium collecting after Olimar was rescued. I collected the Ice Pikmin Onion here, because Ice Pikmin have been so useful. I could have probably skipped the onion, in retrospect.

The Giant’s Hearth was just going through the narritive requirements. The Cradle of the Beast was the cave I completed to find Not Charlie, because its entrance was the most accessable to me. I didn’t collect the rock onion, didn’t feel like it. This was my favourite area in my casual playthrough, because I liked the public barbeque setpiece.

The Primordial Thicket was just going through the narrative requirements. I don’t have much to say about it, but I do have a lot to say about a certain cave in it.

Cavern for a King

The only part I grinded for was the Cavern for a King. The boss rush of that cave was a lot harder with so few Pikmin.

A few bosses were just a pain in the ass. Toxstool, the Bloomcap Bloysters, and the Gildemander were bosses which had to be taken slow and were easy to mess up.

Its very hard to freeze bosses with only 20 pikle men. Except for the Baldy Long Legs,the only boss you can completely cheese with ice Pikmin. You gotta take it up on that offer. Freeze the puddle of water its in. You only need ten ice Pikmin. Once its dead, leave the cave again to get twenty Purple Pikmin for the upcoming water wraiths.

That bastard Empress Bulblax was the pain in the ass she always was. Only the normal advice, take things slow and don’t get greedy.

The Anchient Sirehound took so many rounds to kill. I even left to restock Pikmin halfway through the battle. It took so many rounds to drain the HP meter, and it’s where I spammed spray the most. Bring at least two Purple Pikmin, it makes bringing down the tail so much easier.

The Pikmin 4 4koma

Title: 4Koma
Title: 4Koma x4

I’ve been using images from this throughout this article.

Illustrated by Kino Takahashi, the Pikmin 4Koma is a piece of original promotional material Nintendo is posting to the Pikmin official website several times a month. It’s very cute and quirky, but ಠ_ಠ it doesn’t have an RSS Feed ಠ_ಠ. Anyway. here are some of my favourite strips.


Everyone, including Nintendo, is calling it a Comic or a Manga. Which is a fair description, a 4koma is a subgenre of comics and manga. Like, the fact that I automatically refer to it as a 4koma is a sign that being a weeaboo is terminal and forever.

Seeds of Wisdom

I love watching the Pikmin be little freaks.

An Acquired Taste

Licking nintendo cartridges joke in current year. I wish this would have happened in game. I wish Oatchi could have eated one.

Pikmin and Books 1

I love the 4komas in which you see the minor characters be little freaks. Its like their natural habitat.

But wait! There’s more! Tumblr use fullmoonfireball has been doing some fan translations of comics before the official translation gets around to it. You can view all their fan translations here, but i’ll also flag up some personal faves.


The misdirection punchline is one of my favourite joke genres.



Hair Care Scare

mop oatchi (mochi)


Talked about the Pikmin fanon wiki in the post “hey check this out (1)”: clicky

Embed Hell

Stuff i couldn’t think of an excuse to embed anywhere else. Please support the original release.

open here to visit embed hell……..


due to web host shit (my fault) ive lost my self-hosted hubzilla instance. i dont mind too much, because i wasn’t really using it all too often, and didn’t feel like i had any real followers. but its still a bit of a pain in the ass. i might try self-hosting again, or i might just return to using a fediverse platform run by somebody else. haven’t decided yet.

in case like One person wonders why its gone, its my fault. ive taken it down. thats why its gone.

who cares

in important news free palestine

This review is adapted from a liveblog I posted on other social media. So its more a stream of consciousness than anything particularly coherent. Enjoy.

Spoilers ahead!

I played Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice for the first time this year (2023). I slept on it for the normal reasons. Finding Yamazaki’s writing usually less compelling, not enjoying Duel Destinies that much, and finding the Khura’in kingdom premise to be a silly retcon. But I’ve played it now. And it was pretty good. The second strongest Yamazaki game (I Am A Ace Attorney Investigations 2 fan) and actually a pretty good time, even if I thought it ran out of steam by the end. Lets get into it.

I also didn’t avoid spoilers for the game before playing it. I knew things like broad strokes of Apollo’s New Backstory before playing. I’ve also beaten every other Ace Attorney game, including the spinoffs. This article is written assuming you already have a handle on the series, I’ve been writing like it already so.

6-1 The Foreign Turnabout

please give me a whole tray of peas'

the name puns in this game are going to fucking kill me

Pees’lubn Andistan’dhin is a great episode villian though. his character gimmick of turning from a hippie music guy into a death metal guy is seriously fun

I guess id technically rank it a mid-tier opening case, but that sounds dismissive. But I’m just saying its no 3-5, it doesn’t reach the highest heights of the series. mid-tier (positive).

6-2 The Magical Turnabout

Trucy gets cancelled

I would not cancel Trucy Wright, even if she committed a murder. She deserves a little murder, as a treat.

The case seems very reverent of Troupe Gramarye, when the entirety of Apollo Justice was about outlining why they were dogshit lol. At least Roger Retinz is a suitability huge piece of shit, deserving of the Gramarye name. Taking down Retinz was fun. But overall, the case is mid. Mid by ace attorney terms, so it’s fun, but I think its more fun to say “Trucy gets cancelled”.

The games politics show their age kind of here. I think their age is shown even more later in the game.

I loved cross examining the magic trick.

6-3 The Rite of Turnabout

good night sweet prince

This was my favourite case in the game. I loved this shit.

Like many people, I was very disappointed in Maya’s redesign. She has a more mature face and proportions, but generally dresses and acts the same as she did as a teenager. Ema, a good aged design, is even in the same case. Its like the game is accidentally comparing what a good aged-up design and a bad one look like. Whoops.

The case seems to talk like Maya and Ema already know each other. Which is fine, I don’t recall them meeting before, but I can read between the lines. I guess I will take this piece of promotional artwork as canon and their first meeting, which is awesome i love this one.

Maya’s into a new Steel Samurai bootleg called the Plumbed Punisher, which is so funny to me. Its like somebody who likes The Simpsons getting really into The Samsonadzes. Its so good I love it.

I’m so glad Phoenix has adopted Rayfa, the two are so good together.

Maya channeling Tahrust Inmee (these name puns are going to kill me) is one of the case setpieces of all time. Its legendary. Its so fucking funny. Tahrust first enjoys having hair, then takes his (Maya’s) shirt off and contorts his body into pretzel poses while talking. Its so good.

It honestly touches on issues PW hasn’t touched on since DL-6, and I think its interesting. Ace Attorney 1 asks the question of “even if the woo police used was real, would it even be good”? A story even more about dead men telling lies to protect their loved ones is something that hasn’t been dealt with since Gregory Edgeworth, and its great to see it be given on-screen focus. Its one of the most tragic cases in the series, all while the goofy-ass Tahrust Inmee channeling is still happening.

You’d think I’d have an opinion on the new prosecutor, Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, by now. But I don’t. He fills his narrative role and is ok to bounce off. But meh.

6-4 Stories tellimng

Knowledge is knowing the sexy clown is in this one. Wisdom is knowing the hot girl here is Kisegawa.

There’s narrative momentum after 6-3 which should have been capitalised on. I usually like the breather cases in the Ace Attorney series a lot, but this is a bad place to give the player a breather case.

fuckin YEARS after this game’s release, Geiru Toneido became a meme for being a sexy clown. I want it to be known her boobs have a boing sound effect.

people who’ve played this game know the real hot girl in the case is Ms Kisegawa.

i kinda liked Simon Blackquill here (I did not like him in Duel Destinies). but christ dude stop treating Athena like a child, fuck you

I hate the defendant, Bucky Whet. I’m sick of watching him almost vomit. I think he deserves the death penalty.

6-5 Turnabout Revolution

poopoo peepee

God we can’t just have nice things. Its hard to explain, but I found every big idea here fell flat. It was a bit bland, a bit flavourless, meant to have a huge impact but I felt nothing. Can’t explain it.

Wow, this certainly is a game about politics from ≤2016 (Paul Atishon)

Dhurke was raising so many death flags from the word go, but I guess you raise a lot of death flags if you’re already dead.

I can’t believe we’re figuring out who the real villain is Ga’ran because she’s wearing a top with low cleavage. she would have gotten away with it if she kept her tits covered, smh smh.

I used a guide for the perceive sections. I don’t give a fuck, I hate perceive.

I thought I’d have more new things to say about Datz Are’bal and especially about Nahyuta Sahdmadhi now, but I don’t. A lot happened with Nahyuta Sahdmadhi’s character but I don’t care.

rayfa was so bbrave.

Why is Maya even here. She didn’t have to be. nO REALLY. Bringing Maya back as a character was a big decision. and it made an argument for itself being worth it in 6-3! But then, Maya was instantly left with nothing to do! What was the point!!

wow! it was lucky of Jove Justice to die within a meter of a mirror.

I thought I’d have stronger opinions about the retcons, but. i dont. games not new. it feels like a done deal, not a fresh outrage to get mad about. But I can’t bring myself to feel more emotional than “yeah, that happened”.

Wow, this certainly is a game about politics from ≤2016 (Khura’in Revolution)

Turnabout Time Traveller

its bad

Thanks for reading!!!

thanks 2 https://aceattorney.fandom.com/wiki/Ace_Attorney_Wiki for the pix