Authors comments 2022:


Honestly, this was kind of a knockoff of better comics I was reading at the time.

I’m sort of uploading this in the name of preservation. This was originally hosted on Smackjeeves, a platform which has since gone down. If I didn’t host it, nobody else would. But also, I’m sort of uploading this because even though its bad I kinda like some things about it. It’s embarrassing, but I also think fondly of it.

These were drawn on paper (which you can tell because these are some really bad scans) so if I ever find the originals, i’ll upload them in a resolution you can actually read!! just you wait.

Sorry these authors comments aren’t insightful.

Also, why did I put a copyright symbol on all of these? fuck me. these comics are public domain now and yes that is a legal declaration about the status of copyright on these comics, namely their is none, public domain baybee.