This blog contains Final Fantasy Spoilers for All Of Them

There’s like only a handful of dilfs in final fantasy and theyre not all here. Anyway here’s the tier list for DILFs in Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line

Excellent DILFs

Auron – He’s not the step-dad, he’s the dad who stepped up.

T.G. Cid – ha ha Trans Gender Cid.

Barret Wallace – It sucks that the date scene with him and cloud is a joke. i want barret to date cloud for real.

Laguna Loire – In retrospect, he was the first videogame DILF I was down bad for.

Merely Ok DILFs

Cecil Harvey – Only a father in the Expanded universe ??? (expanded universe bad). I think its funny to call him a DILF and I like him.

Jeckt – Absolute dogshit parent. Fucking Sucks. I hate his pussy. But what kind of self-respecting faggot like me would say ‘no’ to Braska’s Final aeon I mean come on. Who wouldn’t lower their standards for that huge hairy monster.

Just handsome men, but you know, not old men (whats the point).

Aerith GainsboroughI said what I said.

Balthier – Transmasc swag (has a deadname)

Faris Scherwiz – Transmasc swag (has a deadname, transed his gender and became a pirate)

ok so all the trans stuff is just headcanons this series actually kinda sucks when it comes to queer characters

comment with youre fave. or with the ones i missed, i didnt post them all

Anyway, thanks to the fandom Final Fantasy Wiki for the pix.

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