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Credits (Gaia Screenname – Gaia User ID)

Rykushiba – 27391449 | tsundere alert – 32373671 | Mochizuke – 18570521 | The_Lust – 4751888 | space chords – 29910917 | sea elephants – 19261574 | Wrenashblood – 12957867 | Lieutenant Fai – 34358275

[ Old Nostalic JoJokes and JJBA Memes, Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Pre-Anime ]

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I made this Youtube playlist of Old Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure videos. My goal was to collect videos which predate the Davidpro adaptation of JJBA (which began airing in October 2012). There are numberous complications to the task. This is not a complete list, but a curated list of my favorites. Feel free to talk to me about this playlist, I love it.

  • Will contain spoilers.
  • Not entirely clean.
  • This is a Jojo playlist, and will contain the same levels of violent content as the source material does.
  • CW for slurs, volume changes, flashing images, and other sensitive material. Only a few videos, but sorry about that!

Credits for the videos featured in the preview under the cut. (Uploads may not be from the original video creators)

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